Fonteyn Spas: always the right spa for you!

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The luxury of your own spa, isn’t that something you dream of? Fonteyn Spas can make your dreams come true. We are the largest spa specialist in the Netherlands. In our atmospheric spa showroom you will always find a spa that fits your needs. Whether it’s a whirlpool, zwemspa's or hot tub. Take your time to view our more than 100 spas in the showroom.

An indoor or outdoor spa

Our spas are suitable for indoors, but especially for outdoors. Whether it concerns a garden, balcony or terrace. Fonteyn Spas have different spa baths to offer. Can you picture yourself enjoying your own spa yet? Nice and relaxed, without needing to leave your house! At Fonteyn we have more than 900 spa baths in stock on the spot! We are always able to deliver yourspa quickly, as you wish.

Custom spa baths

Did you know that we produce complete spa baths ourselves in our workshop? We are happy to help you with all of your specific requirements. Are you looking for a spa with certain measurements, automatic cleaning methods or massage jets on specific spots? It is all possible at Fonteyn Spas. Furthermore, we offer many luxurious spas from America. Fonteyn Spas can be found in the large garden and spa showroom in the world. You can take your time here to view our beautiful spa baths. From as early as 1979 our spa's are made with enthusiasm. No wonder that we are the market leader of spas in the Netherlands.

Discover the service with our spas

We have our own spa installation and service teams available. This way, we can guarantee that you can enjoy your spa baths for years and years to come. Furthermore, we offer a full warranty with your purchased spa.for the first two years. We hope to see you at our inspiring spa showroom in Uddel soon!

Go directly to all offers for Spas