Warranty & Service

The Fonteyn B.V. offers a warranty of two years on the technical components (pump, control unit, etc.) and five years on the spa shell from the date of installation. Jets, pillows and cover (lid) are excluded. On a TV is the warranty 6 months. When the spa shell will crack / delaminate subject to the following conditions: 1st year: 100% Warrenty, 2nd year: 80% Warranty, 3rd year: 60% Warranty, 4th year: 40% Warranty, 5th year: 20% Warranty. The warrenty expires when one or more components have been broken by a failure / malfunction caused is beyond the control of the Fonteyn B.V. The spa must / sauna stand around freely so that the mechanic can access easily on all sides of the spa / sauna. If this is not the case, the customer must take care for it. If the spa is replaced, the situation must be so that it can be picked up by two installers with their standard tools, if a crane is required any costs are for the customer.

Neither the vendor nor the Fonteyn B.V. responsible for improper installation, misuse or changes made by the customer.

With changes we mean every action which may lead to a malfunction of the spa / sauna or a part thereof, or unsafe operating system. Damage caused by improper floor support is not covered by the warranty. The customer of the spa / sauna is at all times responsible for the proper condition of the floor support. Under misuse, each use of the spa understood that does not comply with the instructions or use of the spa / sauna for purposes for which it was not designed for.

For spas and saunas that are sold by the Fonteyn B.V. as used spa / showroom model, applies 3-month warranty provided that sold functioning.

For non acrylic spas including inflatable spas the Fonteyn B.V. gives a 2 year warranty on electrical parts and three months on all other parts of the spa.